¿Qué hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir la ciudad en la que pasar nuestra vida? Hay cosas primordiales, pero luego de emigrar y de viajar por varios lados, he aprendido que ningún lugar es perfecto.

¿Ustedes qué creen, que las personas eligen los lugares o los…

En el “primer mundo”, ¿es todo tan bonito como parece? Vivo acá hace dos años y te cuento lo que quizás no sabías.

A nosotros los humanos nos encanta comparar. Ellos con nosotros, lo negro con lo blanco. El allá con el acá.

Ya sea en una entrevista, en una…

Es sin lugar a dudas la pregunta que me más me han repetido cuando hablo de mi experiencia como inmigrante.

Entiendo el porqué, la verdad. Saber la razón principal por la que decidí irme a vivir a otro continente es de importancia si queremos entender una situación general de mi…

You don’t want to be like me, do you?

Image by @ayahya09, Unsplash

“A football player.” That was my answer as a child when people asked me what I wanted to be when I became an adult.

I’m not a football player. I failed to achieve the biggest dream of my life.

That was the thing I wanted the most in my life…

The Pros and Cons of This Famous Routine

Image by @cathrynlavery, Unsplash

It’s all Medium’s fault.

After I joined this amazing platform, I’ve started to read a lot of articles in which people would talk about their journal habits.

Most of them (or all of them) said it had helped them. How? To think…

So Far, Is It Worth The Effort?

fImage by @neonbrand, Unsplash

Yes, I’ve earned money writing on Medium.

I thought that writing an article, publishing it online and getting paid because people liked it was just a dream. But it’s not a dream anymore, it’s real.

Please don’t think I’ve made millions of dollars…

Why This Platform Should Expand Its Boundaries

Image by @vanveenjf, Unsplash.

More people are born speaking Spanish than English.

It is true, though, that more people speak English.

But let’s go through same stats together…

  • English has 370 million native speakers. Spanish has 440 million.
  • English is the official language in 4 countries. Spanish…

The productivity hidden behind this underrated activity

Image by @frostroomhead, Unsplash

Have you ever felt like doing nothing? So have I.

But let’s analyse that phrase most of us use quite often:

“I feel like doing nothing”

I’m not a grammar expert, but I can notice something peculiar in that sentence. “Doing nothing” is the goal. …

What Would You Do If You Didn’t Have To Work?

Image by @sharonmccutcheon, Unsplash

I don’t know every single person in this world, but I’m quite sure the majority would like to have a passive income. The higher, the better. Earning money while doing nothing, who doesn’t want that?

Most of us want to…

Use your phone as a thermometer before going to bed

Image by @alex_andrews, Unsplash

There’s no such thing as a thermometer for happiness.

There’s not an objective way to measure it. And even further, we won’t always agree on what happiness is.

Some people say that they can tell they’re happy because they feel…

Nacho Z

Call me Nacho. Argentinian in London. I love sports, lifestyle, music, writing. I try to mix them all in texts. English and Spanish. Visit me www.nachozblog.com

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